The kite – 店舗、カフェ、バーでのBGM向け


Flying a kite in silent meditation takes us back to a simpler time. As your kite soars overhead, it embodies simplicity and freedom. We develop a peaceful mind and a deeper appreciation of life’s essential beauty.

そんな想いを込めてこのスピーカーをThe Kiteと名付けました。何か加えたりするのではなく、極限まで削り取り、必要で大切な要素のみが残された逸品。それぞれの箇所には明確な目的と機能性を持ったデザインが施されています。

With this in mind, we developed our loudspeaker called The Kite. It embraces design that is pared down to its core. It seeks a beauty free from unnecessary additions, focusing solely on essential function. The design values the purity of form and the elegance of restraint. It isn’t about adding more but finding less.


Each component serves a clear and deliberate purpose, free from unnecessary embellishments. Materials are chosen for their natural beauty, creating a speaker that is timeless.


The Kite is available in sustainably harvested Sugi or Bamboo. The Sugi grows locally in Kumamoto and is prepared especially for us by master craftsman. The bamboo comes from the Chūbu region of Japan from the only Japanese supplier that meets our quality requirements.


For your convenience we are happy to deliver and install The Kite at your location. Not only does this make things easier for you it ensures you get the optimum performance from the speaker. We work closely with your architectural designers to compliment your vision. 

タイプ:パッシブ スピーカー
ドライブユニット:15cm (5in)
周波数レスポンス:63Hz – 15kHz (±5dB)
推奨アンプ:Higo Beat PWR230BT アンプ
寸法:幅 44cm  x 高さ44cm  x 奥行75cm