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今ではネットでなんでも簡単に買い物ができる時代になりました。Higo Beat商品の一部は弊社パートナーを通してオンラインで販売されていますが、音楽とは一緒に楽しみコミュニティを形成するもの。だから情熱と価値観を共有できるお客様との長期的な関係構築は重要です。弊社のスピーカーは、オンライン上で体験できない、オンラインを超えた新しい体験を生み出していきます。

These days, we learn that we should conveniently buy everything online. Some of our products are available online through our partners. But, music is best enjoyed as part of a community. Building long-term relationships with customers who share a passion and values is important. Our loudspeakers create an unparalleled experience that transcends the limitations of the internet.


We hold regular listening events with local DJs around Japan and the UK. This is the easiest way to meet us and learn about our loudspeakers. Please fill out the form below to find out about events near you.


Music can also provide a retreat. Another way to experience our products is to have a little vacation in rural Japan. Our Atelia boasts a fully equipped listening room that awaits your favourite records. We can also recommend local onsens for your trip. Listening appointments are limited so schedule an appointment today.



Ready for exceptional sound? Use the form below to discover current pricing and lead times. Crafted with care, your speakers usually take 12-16 weeks to build. We build products to order and limit the number of orders we take. Reserve yours now to avoid disappointment.

Immerse yourself in quality sound—your musical adventure begins here!

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Higo Beat will not share your personal information with others or put you on our mailing list. We will only use it to respond to your inquiries and to improve our services.