Our products are order made to your requirements. Build time is six weeks with current demand.

What We do

We are a boutique that makes speakers and audio accessories. Most days, we can be found covered in sawdust, creating products that allow you to enjoy music more. As well as speakers, we also use our woodworking skills to create audio accessories and furniture. Please use our standard products as a starting point. Then talk to us so that they can be tailor-made to your requirements.

We design our products in-house. Our workshop fuses traditional craftsmanship with digital technology. To complement our woodworking, we have simple metalwork and electronics facilities. This allows us to customize everything to suit you. If you want something slightly different, then just ask.

More than woodwork goes into creating our speakers. Over the years, we have selected the best computer tools for the design process. We start with a computer simulation that is rapidly optimized. When we get to cutting wood, we already know how the speaker will perform. Once the speaker has been built, it gets tested to check the performance against the computer model. And finally, it is time for the fun part, Listening!

If needed, our work goes further than building speakers. Our team can help with Digital Signal Processing and room correction.

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