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Cork Turntable Mat (Shippou pattern)


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This cork turntable matt has been designed to match our record weight. It features a traditional Japanese Shippou pattern. This pattern features overlapping circles and represents harmonious relationships.
Putting a cork turntable mat on your record player is one of the cheapest ways to get more out of your records. Plus, they look fabulous!
We like cork because it is a natural and sustainable material. But it sounds great as well. It naturally dampens and isolates sound. Or in other words, less vibration passes through the material. You may notice that we use cork for speaker feet as well.
All of this is an excellent thing for a turntable mat. It means that less unwanted vibration gets transferred onto the record.
Cork also reduces static. You will love this because it means that your records collect less dust and need less cleaning. Static also colors the sound of your music because it affects the delicate cartridge.

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