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Brass Turntable Weight


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Designed for DJs & Audiophiles.

Each one is unique.

Hand-finished in Japan with patina & wax.

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Product Details

We specifically designed our Turntable Weights for DJs who want the best in sound quality and a tactile experience.

The design allows for close control of the record when mixing. It has an anti-slip base so that when the Record Weight moves, so does the record. You can easily control your vinyl directly from the diamond grip on the Record Weight’s outer rim.

It is made from brass because brass is better at damping vibration than the more common aluminum. Brass also has a higher density than aluminum, resulting in a lower profile turntable weight. The low-profile design allows you to get in touch with the record surface for a traditional DJing experience. The record weight does not get in the way when back-cueing with your fingers on the vinyl.

It weighs 420 grams.

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