We create products that allow you to enjoy music more.

Evolution has hard-wired our brains to respond emotionally to music. We were singing before we could speak. For millennia, people have used drums for long-distance communication. Music isn’t an insular pursuit but a communal experience.

Music is a passion for sharing. Everyone should collect vinyl records. And listen to them. Everyone should use the internet to discover new music. And tell their friends about it.

Hi, I am Billy Wood, and I am the man behind Higo Beat. Loudspeakers create a space to share music. People have always asked me to help make this musical space. Creating loudspeakers has now been my craft for over 15 years.

I have always wanted to do something with natural materials. It is nice to be hands-on with what you create and do it sustainably. Some years ago, I made some speakers for home out of wood grown where I live. The wood is called Oguni Sugi. Everyone who saw them wanted a pair.

However, I could not make Oguni Sugi speakers because I designed speakers full-time for another company. A few years back, I had an opportunity to do something different. This led to me founding Higo Beat.

People enjoy my speakers in Europe, America, Africa, and Japan. My design background is in Pro Audio and providing sound for complex projects. This background gives the company deep technical knowledge. A knowledge that goes into developing the best speakers for the application. Yet we try not to be boring and geeky when presenting our products. But if you have a technical question, then ask.

The company is incorporated in Japan as Higo Beat Japan Co., Ltd. and England as Higo Beat Ltd. We design and make speakers in Minami Oguni, Kumamoto.