Put your phone down and put on a record.


Remember the days when we danced all night long with our friends. We spent as much time catching up with old mates at the record store as finding new music. Back in the day, we lived in real-time and in analogue. Then, slowly our smartphones snuck into our lives. 


These days there is constant pressure to respond to the latest notification. We spend so much time messaging friends that we forget to interact with each other in person. Often we feel isolated and stressed by the world within our phones. Being constantly online is not good for our mental health.


So why not go back to a simpler time? Take a break from your phone. Pull a record out of your collection. Take it out of its sleeve. Put it on the turntable. Drop the needle on the record and spend some time in analogue. We believe that you will feel better for it.

Who to go to when other speakers don’t satisfy you.


The best rice grows slowly in the cool mountains. It needs pure water, respect for nature and care from the farmer. Quality rice is more satisfying and will sustain you for longer. Once you eat it, you will understand the difference.


We believe the same is true when we build loudspeakers. This guides us when we choose what materials to use and the care we take.  We also build locally in Japan and the United Kingdom.

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